Sticker - Göta Lejon Maskuline

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The sticker measures 7cm x 7cm and is printed on white vinyl

A little bit different look for our Gothenburg lion

Some brief history:
Coat of arms of Gothenburg consists of images from Sweden's great coat of arms and symbolizes the city as Sweden's western defence.

The lion (often referred to as Göta Lejon) is from the arms of Folkungaätten (later Bjälboätten), which in the 17th Century was considered to be the arms of Götaland and it holds the arms of Sweden, three crowns, defending this with a sword. However in my interpretation I added a blue and white ribbon to symbolize Gothenburgs colours for the maskuline lion, and the shield with three crowns for the feminine.

The oldest description of the arms is from a letters patent from 1607.