Greetings from the artist

My name is Elin, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator with my base in Gothenburg, Sweden. I enjoy biking, drawing, and forest walks.

I've worked freelance since 2013 with my business mostly focusing on B2B, but my art has always been my true passion. This is my creative, and quite spiritual, outlet for my ideas.

Origin of The Nooks

In 2018 I accidentally drew my first Nook while taking on the inktober challenge on instagram. It was the word "Cruel" on day 11 that sparked this idea of a forest spirit being devastated because his favourite tree's been cut down, so I drew this little guy crying on a stump. I liked him so much that I decided to keep him around. After a while the family grew and more Nooks moved in to my life.

The name, "Nooks", came about 2019 when a friend said "You find them in the nooks and crannies, right? Why not call them Nooks?". And thus, the name.