My name is Elin, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator with my base in Gothenburg, Sweden. I enjoy biking, drawing (chocker), and walks in nature. I've worked as a freelance graphic designer since 2013, but my art has always been my true passion.

This is my creative, and quite spiritual, outlet for my ideas. 


The small creatures you often encounter in my paintings I call my Nooks. I've been painting them into my motives on and off since 2018. There is a total of six and you can read more about them and their personalities below.  I enjoy painting cityscapes, sometimes my hometown Gothenburg, landscapes and vivid scenarios starring my Nooks.

Thank you for stopping by! 💫

Meet the Nooks!

Who are these creatures that keeps turning up in my art?
Where do they come from and do they have names?
Do they spy on me whyenI nap in the forest?


In 2018 I "accidentally" drew my first Nook while taking on the inktober challenge on instagram. It was the word "Cruel" on day 11 that sparked this idea of a forest spirit being devastated because his favourite tree's been cut down, so I drew this little guy crying on a stump. I liked him so much that I decided to keep him around. After a while the family grew and more Nooks moved in to my life.

The name, "Nooks", came about 2019 when a friend said "You find them in the nooks and crannies, right? Why not call them Nooks?". And thus, the name.

They are six in total, Mi, Mo, Lo, Pi, Bo and Tagalong and they have quite distinctive personalities. Scroll down to learn more!

Mi - The visualizer

If she doesn't have a pen available she will use a piece of coal. No paper? No worries, she can draw pictures with sticks in the mud, or create pictograms with various things she finds in the forest.

Mi likes to make Mo's stories into images, usually while he tells them.

Mo - The storyteller

He loves to read and tell stories. Mo is usually found in a reading nook (hehe) close by, deeply invested in a classic novel. Is it Dickens or H.C Andersen, or maybe something more local like Moa Martinsson or Selma Lagerlöf?

No matter which author or story, Mo will find a way to incorporate them into his own tales.

When Mo share his fables, Mi is usually right there painting them.

Lo - The moonchild

Lo likes her alone time and usually spend it playing music on her flute or stargazing.

She's a nightowl and enjoys the solitude and silence of the night. It comforts her. Her mind is usually elsewhere, wandering.

She's sensitive and feel the feels very deep down, sometimes they overflow and she need to create a new tune to get it out. . If you encounter her, she might seem shy, but if you ask her about her favorite starsigns she can talk for hours.

Pi - The big brother

He's the first Nook that came in to my life. I encountered him on a stump in the forest, devastated, it used to be his favorite tree. He has since planted at least a hundred more trees in its name. 

Pi is the big brother to the rest of the nooks. He makes sure everyone is keeping up and that no one is left out. Oh, and he wears a pointy hat because he's fancy like that.

Bo - The free spirit

Bo is excessively positive and got an optimistic outlook on most things. He always got a solution for every problem, however he doesn't bother with logic or reason, so do not expect good advice.

Bo is quite chaotic and very spontaneous, therefore very hard to predict. He will always bring energy (usually good) to any situation, but he might also get on your nerves. 👀

Tagalong - The one who observes

This one is a bit of a mystery, we call him "he" but really Tag is genderless. Tagalong got his name by being the one who tags a long. No matter what the nooks are up to, Tag will always be close by.

Tagalong is an observer, he represents my followers, friends and supporters which makes him very dear to me.