About the artist

I'm an artist and graphic designer with my base in Göteborg, Sweden. I've worked as a freelance graphic designer since 2013, but art has always been my true passion. I opened my art store in 2019 and it has since turned in to my creative, and quite spiritual, outlet for my ideas.

Photo: Simon Gustavsson @simon__gustavsson 

My work consists mostly of me trying to find the great in the small, and the extraordinary in unexpected places, not only through my art but also in my life. It's a journey inwards that transcribes through my art and actions.

I find my inspiration in everyday occurrences, the things we treat like spacing between the important events, but it's in those gaps most of life happens. So in the last few years I've been painting a lot of daily commuting in the form of our Gothenburg trams, since these trips are one of those gaps in life. The tram is the citys room, open and used by everyone. It's really our main shared space in the city and a bridge between people and places.

I mind those gaps.
Photo: Simon Gustavsson @simon__gustavsson