About the artist

Elin is a Swedish self-taught artist who works with both traditional mediums like oil, and modern ones in the digital realm. She has been active since 2015 and has her studio in Gothenburg, where she also lives.

Drawing inspiration from the simplest of occurrences, Elin finds value in the moments we often overlook, dismissing them as insignificant gaps between important events. Yet, she feels like it's within these gaps that life really happens. In recent years, Elin has dedicated herself to painting a series of work that captures the scenes of daily commuting on the Gothenburg trams. To her, these trips represent those significant yet often unnoticed intervals in life. The tram becomes a shared space, serving as a bridge connecting people and places within the city.
The trams, symbolic of the city's collective experience, foster a sense of community as they carry passengers from one destination to another. They become the backdrop for everyday stories and interactions.
Her paintings serve as gentle reminders to cherish the connections we make and the places we inhabit. In her own quiet way, Elin encourages us to find beauty in the simplicity of everyday life.

Selected Exhibitions:

  • A la London, 2022
  • A la London, 2023
  • "Introduktion", Collective Exhibition, Galleri Scandinavia 2023
  • "Majorna" Solo Street Exhibition, Effkå Store front 27 April 2024 Read more

Coming Exhibitions:

  • Solo Exhibition, Marstrand, Galleri Scandinavia 10-17 July 2024
Photo: Simon Gustavsson @simon__gustavsson