Söder mälarstrand

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When ordering with a passepartout (white frame inside) you will get a frame one size up to the size you choose to make space for the passepartout.

For example: 30x40cm print with passepartout comes with a 40x50cm frame and 50x70cm print comes with a 70x100cm frame.

With Passepartout:
21x30cm print + passepartout = 30x40cm frame size
30x40cm print + passepartout = 40x50cm frame size
40x50cm print + passepartout = 50x70cm frame size
50x70cm print + passepartout = 70x100cm frame size

Söder Mälarstrand
Söder Mälarstrand is a waterside street with a quay on Södermalm in Stockholm. It stretches along Riddarfjärden from Pålsundet in the west to Centralbron in the east and is about 2,200 meters long.

Along the street there are some interesting buildings such as the ore farm Heleneborg, the industrial house Münchenbryggeriet and the office building Mariahissen.

The part I've decided to paint are called Mariaberget, or "The Maria mountain". At the bottom right you see Mariahissen, or "The Maria elevator", a building made in 1885 to tie together the top and bottom of the mountain with an elevator (for some reason they made it look like a proper castle).

To the left is Kvartet Lappskon Större, a block built and planned in the 1600's on the steep hill, becoming a well known part of Stockholms cityscape.

The colours are inspired by one of my favorite movies, Kiki's delivery service, a japanese animated film taking place in a made-up european city looking a lot like Stockholm.