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When ordering with a passepartout (white frame inside) you will get a frame one size up to the size you choose to make space for the passepartout.

For example: 30x40cm print with passepartout comes with a 40x50cm frame and 50x70cm print comes with a 70x100cm frame.

With Passepartout:
21x30cm print + passepartout = 30x40cm frame size
30x40cm print + passepartout = 40x50cm frame size
40x50cm print + passepartout = 50x70cm frame size
50x70cm print + passepartout = 70x100cm frame size

Poster, Hisingsbron, Göteborg
Hisingsbron (the Hisingen Bridge) is a vertical-lift bridge in central Gothenburg, Sweden, connecting the island of Hisingen to the mainland. The bridge was constructed between 2017 and 2021, replacing the Götaälvbron.