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When ordering a frame you will get a frame one size up to the print size to make space for the passepartout. For example: 21x30cm print with frame becomes 30x40 in size, and 50x70cm becomes 70x100cm. When buying a frame you always get a passepartout.

21x30cm = 30x40cm framed
30x40cm = 40x50cm framed
50x70cm = 70x100 framed
70x100 prints are not available framed.


Lisebergslinjen - Model M5, Individual no. 129
The Liseberg line (Lisebergslinjen) is a museum tram line in Gothenburg. It is run by the Ringlinien Rail Association (Spårvägssällskapet Ringlinien) in collaboration with Göteborgs spårvägar AB and Trafikkontoret Göteborg and runs between the Central Station and Liseberg and on to Sankt Sigfrids Plan where it turns around. It's a popular summer tourist attraction and a lovely tradition in our city, taking visitors to the amusement park Liseberg from the Central station.

You can see this tram, and similar museum train lines during the summers, sometimes other times of the year if it's been booked. (I once saw a wedding on one, there's also been concerts and radio broadcasting).

Read more about the exact tram in the painting: M5 129