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When ordering a frame you will get a frame one size up to the print size to make space for the passepartout. For example: 21x30cm print with frame becomes 30x40 in size, and 50x70cm becomes 70x100cm. When buying a frame you always get a passepartout.

21x30cm = 30x40cm framed
30x40cm = 40x50cm framed
50x70cm = 70x100 framed
70x100 prints are not available framed.


Vitaby Level Crossing
A painting of the level crossing in Vitaby and the cat I met there. The railway was not in use on that day because it's only open for museum trains on certain days.

This crossing is almost fully manually administrated, about like 50m away was a winch for the level crossing gates to go up or down and they had this nifty gizmo that made the bell ring at the pace of the winding of the winch. I know we have the wonder of modern technology but simple solutions like that gets me excited.